The Global Economic Governance (GEG) Africa programme is a policy research and stakeholder engagement programme to strengthen the influence of pro-poor African coalitions at global economic governance fora.

GVCS, SMES and Sustainability Standards

  • Location: Pretoria

GEG Africa organised a multi-stakeholder study group meeting on “GVCS, SMES and Sustainability Standards”.

The event brought together the authors of national studies from Kenya and South Africa as well as experts and representatives from organisations active in this field. The intention of the study was to inform the South African Government’s preparations for the G20 Summit, specifically on trade and regional integration. It is expected that the research will also contribute to the ongoing global debate, and associated policy processes, on the role of sustainability standards in promoting economic development and their impacts on SMEs in developing countries.

The study group discussed the following topics:

  • The universe of private sustainability standards in the two countries and the SME institutional support environment to access cross-border value chains and private sustainability standards.
  • It will consider the obstacles faced by SMEs wishing to access Multinational Corporations’ (MNC) cross-border value chains.
  • How MNCs try to resolve the gap created by their internal requirements and standards through a variety of supplier development programmes, drawing from exemplary case-studies.
  • Recommendations for the G20 on how to focus its resources in South Africa and Kenya, to promote private sustainability standards and access to MNC cross-border value chains. This is considering the potential for South Africa and Kenya to be regional economic gateways and drivers of regional value chain development in their respective regions.

Click here to view presentations on:

pdf Value Chains, Private Sustainability, Standards & SMES, Kenya Case Study (288 KB)

pdf Are private sustainability standards obstacles to or enablers of SME participation in value chains?  Insights from South Africa. (998 KB)

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